Talking with Your Kids about Garage Safety

As the weather gets warmer, more family members will be moving in and out of the garage. The car, of course, will still require coming and going— but so will bicycles, lawnmowers, patio furniture, and other equipment usually stored inside. For us adults, garage safety comes off as common sense, but for our children (and particularly young children) this may not be so. For this reason, it is really important to discuss with our kids, or any other younger family members or friends, how to be safe when moving in and out of the garage.

Minding Garage Door Openers

A garage door opener may not seem like a powerful tool, but it is in part responsible for protecting the collection of things that sit in your garage. A child may think of the clicker as a toy, but accidentally leaving the garage door open could lead to potentially hazardous consequences. Younger siblings could wander into the garage and get into gasoline, oil, or other hazardous chemicals. Leaving the garage door open could also invite those who may want to take a look around and leave with some of your personal possessions.

Talking About the Door

Though we may not think a garage door would be of interest to a child, there’s no telling what ours will decide to play with. Garage door parts as a part of the system do not pose any immediate harm, but when children are sticking fingers in different pieces and parts while the garage door is going up or down, that could beincredibly unsafe. Make sure to discuss with your children the importance of respecting the door for what it is, and staying clear from it to stay safe. The same goes for playing in the garage. When we click our garage door remote, it’s usually out of habit—and small children playing on the floor of the garage may not be easy to see. Make sure there is no potential for disaster or injury by making sure that parking a vehicle and play do not mix in the garage.

Having a detailed conversation with your kids about safety in the garage is a great way to start off your season. Having a well-organized interior, adequate lighting, and nothing sitting out in walkways, too, is a great way to prevent injuries or accidents and keep your family safe. As long as you properly convey these messages with your kids, they will be able to enjoy the weather safely and soundly.