Springtime Garage Makeover

Spring cleaning is a generally accepted tradition. Purging out the old to make room for the new makes us feel energized, revitalized, and ready for the new season. Odds are that you’ll spend some time making organizing and making that heaping pile of unused junk—but how much time will you put into making over the look of your garage on the outside? Our garages have become integral parts of the home, but often go neglected when it comes to aesthetic improvement. There are many ways to improve the look and functionality of your garage—from getting a new garage door remote to giving it a major renovation such as a door—that will boost the look of your home just in time for spring.

Thinking Big

If you’re looking to make a drastic change to the face of your garage, a new door could be the perfect change. With an amazing array of different styles, types, and functions, there’s no excuse for a boring garage door. Make sure to pay attention to the architectural elements of your home to dictate color and material. Perhaps you want gorgeous carriage style doors—which give a very “Old World” look that is both sophisticated and nostalgic. These could be in the swing-door fashion, opening on hinges out, or your standard vertically-opening door. Both options are available to be fitted with garage door openers, so you don’t have to sacrifice any convenience. Whichever style you choose, maintaining consistency with the look of your home is vital.

Small Changes with a Lot of “Oomph”

You certainly don’t have to replace your door to give your garage a bit of new life. There are many smaller alterations that you could make that have great impact. One of the best is painting. A fresh coat of paint can make your garage look brand new at a very low cost and with very little effort. If painting is out of the question, even a thorough or pressure wash could revitalize the look of its siding. Perhaps you only want to repaint your door, or the trim. Regardless of how big you want to think, the change will be noticeable. Thinking even smaller, making sure your garage door is in good maintenance and seeking out garage door repair if necessary will help your garage operate at its maximum efficiency—one that you in particular will really notice.

Your garage may be the structure that houses your vehicles (among other things), but it doesn’t have to be only this. With a little love, your garage could get the makeover it deserves—and really look like a part of your home. Just make sure you get to it before the weather gets really nice and you’d rather be lounging in the sun!