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3 Advantages to Flash2Pass Technology


The new Flash2Pass Technology turns your existing headlight high beam switch in your vehicle into a transmitter for your automatic garage door opener. It works with almost all cars, trucks, and motorcycles. A few advantages I’ve found with using this method of opening and closing the garage door are the following:

1. Convenience

Probably the most obvious benefit of the Flash2Pass system is it’s convenience.  There is no remote to lose and no battery to buy or replace as it is operated by power from your vehicle. It is especially helpful for motorcyclists with no room for a remote. Flash2Pass saves them from the hassle of dismounting their bike to enter a code on a keypad or opening the door manually.

2. Compatibility

Flash2Pass is compatible with garage door openers manufactured since 1982, making it useable with almost any garage door opener out there. Up to six transmitters may be used per receiver and multiple receivers can be set to work with one transmitter, a feature great for vacation homes or family homes with several vehicles.

3. Easy Installation

This is a quick and simple DIY project! Just connect the receiver where your existing wall-mounted button or switch is located. Mount the transmitter underneath the hood of your vehicle. The complete instructions are safe and easy to follow.


  • To increase working range reposition the transmitter closer to the front grill under the hood as it will work best with the least amount of metal obstruction.
  • If you have an older garage door opener system, it may not have adequate power supply to operate the Flash2Pass. Simply use an external power adapter. You probably already have an extra adapter that will work lying around.

Five Garage Conversions That Will Impress and Inspire

It has become increasingly popular to accumulate and store overflow items in what was once called home to your car. Many homeowners park at least one automobile outside the garage to make room for unwanted or unneeded treasures. Although vehicles may never get their parking space back, there are several great reasons people are converting their garages to be more functional. Commonly, families outgrow their living area but are unable to expand by building a home addition. Transforming a garage is a practical, affordable way to add space and value to your home. While the words “garage renovation” can sound like a tremendous chore to tackle, the following awe-inspiring ideas I’ve found on various websites may be all the motivation you need.

1. The Man Cave

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To have their very own sanctuary in the house may be every man’s dream. Built for relaxation and entertainment, a “man cave” can serve as a refuge to be alone or hang out with friends. Whether a place for playing games, watching sports, drinking beer, working on DIY projects, or all of the above; this use of vacant garage space turns dreams into a reality.

2. Extra Bedroom/Guest Room

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 Are friends or family in town? Do you have a teenager or college student that has grown out of their bedroom? A garage-turned-guest house offers privacy while still being close to home.

3. Home Gym

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Hectic lifestyles can leave little time for going to a gym. The home gym created in this small, two car garage maximizes typically unused space such as walls and corners. Cleaver organization and storage leaves enough room to park a car if desired.

4. Office

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If you own a small business or need a secluded area to concentrate on homework or bills, a home office would be an ideal space to conquer these tasks. But if your house is too small for a separate home office, what should you do? Converting a garage into an office creates a quiet retreat from children, pets, or a spouse.

5. Theatre

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Converting your garage to a cinema space gives you and your family an escape for movie nights, creates an ambiance for a romantic evening without crowds. In a place where roaring fans can enjoy the game without disturbing a whole household, theatre-quality results can be produced in the comfort of your own home.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to garage conversions, so dream big! After all, many successful rock bands started in a garage. Not just for parking cars and storing junk anymore, your garage can serve as a multipurpose room in your home. It is recommended that before diving into this great transformation project, contact a professional to ensure compliance with city codes and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations. A contractor’s oversight provides a safe environment both during and after construction so you truly enjoy the additional space and value that your home gained from a garage renovation.