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Top Features of the Genie G3T-BX That Make It the Right Remote For You

In looking for a remote for your garage door, it is first important to know the make and model of the garage door operator. If this information can’t be found on the opener itself, you will find it in the owner’s manual. By online research or consulting a local garage door service store, multiple remote recommendations should work for your opener.

Because there are many types of remotes that can be used for a single garage door opener, the search for the right remote can be confusing.  Choices of manufacturers and models further complicate decision making.  Whether you are looking for a replacement for an old remote or an extra remote for a new opener, Genie garage door opener remotes are known for their consistent quality.  With its universal compatibility, convenient small size and simple programming, the Genie G3T-BX Remote is no exception to their reputation.


This remote is compatible with all Geni Intellicode hand-held transmitters and can be used to operate up to three different garage doors. Each of the tree buttons on the Genie G3T-BX remote is defaulted to operate the new intellicode 2 Genie garage door openers but can alternatively be individually programmed for pre-2011, intellicode 1 models. It also emits both 390 MHz and 315 MHz frequencies, ensuring the strongest possible signal to the receiver.

Small Size

The light weight, compact design makes the Genie G3T-BX remote a perfect addition to a keychain. It fits comfortably in a hand, pocket, or purse giving owners full control for extra security. The included visor clip provides versatility to meet all access needs.

Easy to Program

You may also be concerned about programming a new remote once you’ve made a purchase. The Genie G3T-BX remote programs very quick and easily. The step-by-step detailed instructions included with this remote will guide you through the simple process in minutes.

Based on the Genie brand reputation and many customer reviews, the Genie G3T-BX remote is one of the best remote options for your garage door opener.  The wide compatibility, efficient size, and stress-free programming make finding the right remote for your garage door opener less complicated.

Help Aligning Garage Door Sensors

If the safety sensors on your garage door opener are not operating properly, that could be a serious safety hazard—particularly if you have animals or children in the house. Of course, we’ve all been through the frustration of something making its way under the door and tripping the sensor only to have the door stop yet again. The fact remains, however, that without that sensor the cat or other small being that made its way under would be in serious danger. So what do you do when your garage door opener sensors are not working? Sensors are relatively easy to work with compared to most garage door parts. Here are some tips:
The first thing you do is clean them off. If they are dirty or have fingerprints on them, the sensors will not operate properly. Take a cotton swab and wet it with isopropyl alcohol, then gently wipe the sensors. Test the garage door to see if cleaning worked. If it still is not functioning properly, then you can try fixing it yourself.

To do this, you need to first turn of the electrical breaker, or disconnect the power supply to the opener. This will save you from the risk of shock while working with the sensors. Next, you need to unscrew both sensors just until they need a bit of force to be moved up or down. You can find the sensors on either side of the door, roughly 4-6 inches from the bottom of the rail frame. The maximum height for the sensors is 6 inches, for the safest option. Adjust the sensors to your preferred height, and then tie a string taught between the two sensors. It is important that the string is fairly taught so that you can measure whether the string is level. The level should be just below and slightly touching the string to measure accurately. If you find that the string is not level, adjust the sensor until the string becomes level—making sure that neither sensor exceeds 6 inches from the floor of the garage.

Once the string is level, test the door to see if they are working. If the door still does not close when the sensor is tripped, then you should check again to see if the sensors got dirty while you were working with them. Use the isopropyl alcohol and another cotton swab to clean the sensors. If they don’t work following that cleaning, then the sensors are likely not good anymore and should be replaced—or you should call a professional to take a look at it.
A properly working garage door opener is a safe one. Making sure that those sensors are in top condition is one important step to ensure your family a hazard-free atmosphere. Good luck!

Keeping Your Car and Home Safe

It’s no surprise that with the increase in technology, our cars are becoming smarter. Everything from autonomous parking to actually driving without an operator has been researched and implemented to some capacity. With our toys getting more advanced, however, we put ourselves at risk of danger in ways we usually don’t even think about. Take a minute to get a mental inventory of what is in your vehicle. Now imagine this situation:
A person decides to break into your car. Ordinarily, you would think they would take whatever valuables that they may find in there—an iPod, perhaps a GPS unit. What if they instead decided to steal your entire automobile, hitting the “home” button on your GPS to go directly where the rest of your belongings are? What if that person clicked your garage door opener, allowing direct access into your home? It is a very scary situation to play out, and it is scarier because it is actually happening. With smarter toys come smarter criminals, and it is important for you to do your best to make sure that you are not putting yourself at any risk that is unnecessary.

There is no way to guarantee that your car will not be broken into, but there are measures you can take to make your vehicle less likely of falling victim. Keep any valuables hidden from view. If you have hot items sitting out, it gives criminals more incentive to bust your window out—they know these objects are in the vehicle, after all. You could place these items in the glove compartment, in the trunk, or perhaps you can invest in a small car safe that can go under your seat to provide added protection.

If you have a GPS system in particular, do not leave this sitting out. The best option is to take it with you when you leave the vehicle. If you must leave it in your car, make sure not only the unit itself, but the charging cord and mount are also hidden from view. Put any garage door openers in the glove compartment as well. This may be less convenient when you get home, but certainly more convenient than having to go through the stress of a dangerous break in. If you have an entrance to your home through the garage, do not leave that door unlocked assuming that it is inaccessible. Accidentally dropping and leaving that garage door remote on the ground outside could have devastating consequences.

We all assume that these things will “never happen to us,” but there’s no reason to take that risk. By taking just a few additional precautions, you can reduce the likelihood of finding yourself in a very unsafe or unfortunate situation. You’ll thank yourself later!

Talking with Your Kids about Garage Safety

As the weather gets warmer, more family members will be moving in and out of the garage. The car, of course, will still require coming and going— but so will bicycles, lawnmowers, patio furniture, and other equipment usually stored inside. For us adults, garage safety comes off as common sense, but for our children (and particularly young children) this may not be so. For this reason, it is really important to discuss with our kids, or any other younger family members or friends, how to be safe when moving in and out of the garage.

Minding Garage Door Openers

A garage door opener may not seem like a powerful tool, but it is in part responsible for protecting the collection of things that sit in your garage. A child may think of the clicker as a toy, but accidentally leaving the garage door open could lead to potentially hazardous consequences. Younger siblings could wander into the garage and get into gasoline, oil, or other hazardous chemicals. Leaving the garage door open could also invite those who may want to take a look around and leave with some of your personal possessions.

Talking About the Door

Though we may not think a garage door would be of interest to a child, there’s no telling what ours will decide to play with. Garage door parts as a part of the system do not pose any immediate harm, but when children are sticking fingers in different pieces and parts while the garage door is going up or down, that could beincredibly unsafe. Make sure to discuss with your children the importance of respecting the door for what it is, and staying clear from it to stay safe. The same goes for playing in the garage. When we click our garage door remote, it’s usually out of habit—and small children playing on the floor of the garage may not be easy to see. Make sure there is no potential for disaster or injury by making sure that parking a vehicle and play do not mix in the garage.

Having a detailed conversation with your kids about safety in the garage is a great way to start off your season. Having a well-organized interior, adequate lighting, and nothing sitting out in walkways, too, is a great way to prevent injuries or accidents and keep your family safe. As long as you properly convey these messages with your kids, they will be able to enjoy the weather safely and soundly.

Springtime Garage Makeover

Spring cleaning is a generally accepted tradition. Purging out the old to make room for the new makes us feel energized, revitalized, and ready for the new season. Odds are that you’ll spend some time making organizing and making that heaping pile of unused junk—but how much time will you put into making over the look of your garage on the outside? Our garages have become integral parts of the home, but often go neglected when it comes to aesthetic improvement. There are many ways to improve the look and functionality of your garage—from getting a new garage door remote to giving it a major renovation such as a door—that will boost the look of your home just in time for spring.

Thinking Big

If you’re looking to make a drastic change to the face of your garage, a new door could be the perfect change. With an amazing array of different styles, types, and functions, there’s no excuse for a boring garage door. Make sure to pay attention to the architectural elements of your home to dictate color and material. Perhaps you want gorgeous carriage style doors—which give a very “Old World” look that is both sophisticated and nostalgic. These could be in the swing-door fashion, opening on hinges out, or your standard vertically-opening door. Both options are available to be fitted with garage door openers, so you don’t have to sacrifice any convenience. Whichever style you choose, maintaining consistency with the look of your home is vital.

Small Changes with a Lot of “Oomph”

You certainly don’t have to replace your door to give your garage a bit of new life. There are many smaller alterations that you could make that have great impact. One of the best is painting. A fresh coat of paint can make your garage look brand new at a very low cost and with very little effort. If painting is out of the question, even a thorough or pressure wash could revitalize the look of its siding. Perhaps you only want to repaint your door, or the trim. Regardless of how big you want to think, the change will be noticeable. Thinking even smaller, making sure your garage door is in good maintenance and seeking out garage door repair if necessary will help your garage operate at its maximum efficiency—one that you in particular will really notice.

Your garage may be the structure that houses your vehicles (among other things), but it doesn’t have to be only this. With a little love, your garage could get the makeover it deserves—and really look like a part of your home. Just make sure you get to it before the weather gets really nice and you’d rather be lounging in the sun!